Introducing Sixtyeightfeet.

We combine communication and consultancy services to provide strategic support for your business or charity when you need it.


We produce visually compelling design that brings your words to life. From the simple to the stylish, we find the most effective way to communicate.

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We create clear and engaging content that tells a better story – both digital and print collateral that attracts, informs and empowers your community.

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We provide strategic insight that combines mission with messaging. We'll help you to communicate with confidence about who you are and what you do.

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It's been great working with Sixtyeightfeet whilst they created our website. They supported us in structuring the business, detailing service packages and our message to our market and target audience in a high-energy, technical and collaborative way.

Chris Dowland

Business and Technical Director
AD Marine Services Ltd

Our work.

A selection of projects we are proud to have worked on.

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Artwork and design across print and digital publications for an international development agency.

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