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Clowns Without Borders (CWB) is a UK-based NGO working with children in crisis settings in more than 20 countries. Whilst other agencies meet urgent material needs, CWB deliver immediate emotional relief through laughter and play in some of the most challenging places on earth.

What they needed

Now 10 years old, they needed a new website that was as serious and playful as they are and reflected their unique role, working alongside other international organisations through their emergency relief programmes.

CWB also needed some original copywriting that communicated their expertise and ambition and provided new ways of speaking confidently about their work. It had to be joyful and engaging, evidence-based, child-centred and impact-focused to demonstrate how they contribute to positive change and which would speak to a range of individual fundraisers, donors and foundations.

What we provided

We got to know what drives them, to create a messaging platform that would form the basis for future communications needs, including fundraising, speeches and campaigns.

From this content, we designed and developed a new website, using their existing brand identity to communicate fresh excitement about the vital work that they do. Which emphasises their unique model, impact and ambition to bring joy to every child in every crisis.

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This is fantastic and you REALLY have helped to clarify messaging. Thank you for the thought and energy you’ve put into this.

Samantha Holdsworth

Clowns Without Borders UK

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