Pulse Management

Pulse provides maintenance services for high-street brands which means so much more than just changing the lightbulbs. They’re brand savvy and ultra-aware that their clients depend on them for a high-quality, consistent customer experience that isn’t disrupted by their engineer's visits.

What they needed

They needed a website that reflected that and communicated their expertise after almost 10 years in the business, showcasing their practical and technical abilities alongside their stylish and responsive approach.

What we provided

We helped them see who they’d become, putting their accomplishments and ambitions into words to create a corporate identity they could be proud of. Then we created a website that demonstrated just how much they stand out from their competitors. We set them up on social media, raising their profile and keeping them connected with their clients, partners and potential new customers, as well as providing promotional material, proposal documents and presentations, to polish their pitch to new clients.

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Paul and Karen were able to take our business ideas and turn them into visual and engaging content. They are adept at understanding a client’s specific need, asking the right questions, and getting under the skin of the business to ensure the end result is just what is needed. Our industry is driven by the speedy delivery of a great service as well as the quality of our materials, and Sixtyeightfeet help us to live up to those standards.

Tim Bower

Pulse Management Ltd

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