Tearfund is an international relief and development agency based in the UK, tackling poverty around the world, raising awareness of climate change, and empowering faith-based organisations to engage with their work on the ground.

What they need

With a wide range of publications, Tearfund produce print and digital content to serve many different goals. From fundraising and activism to stakeholder and staff communications, their work needs to delight and inform, as well as engage and empower, wherever their teams are around the world, which often means dealing with sensitive issues and in multiple languages.

What we provide

We work with Tearfund’s internal branding and communications team on an ongoing basis to provide design expertise that is committed to their goals and excited about their vision. Our work helps to create accessible, empowering publications that are seen across the UK and in all the regions where they work. We provide a committed, reliable service that supports their team and their ambitions.

A5 fundraising packA5 fundrasising pack folder inside contentsA close up of A5 fundrasing packTwo front covers of the Tearfund Prayer Diary one in their old brand and one in their new brand.Prayer Diary front cover, with a previous issue in the background.Prayer Diary inside spread.
Three shapes, a yellow circle, a blue triangle and a red rectangle being friendly
Hand drawn plant shape with blue leaves

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