How we work.

We work with business founders, community builders and department leaders. You tell us what you need - from website development to content creation, brand strategy or consultancy services - and we'll get ready to jump in.

We’ll listen and learn all we need to about your organisation - whether you're just getting started or trying to move things forward - and we'll give you clear options and insight.

We’re committed, reliable and creative, providing strategic support when you need it.

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Paul and Karen were able to take our business ideas and turn them into visual and engaging content. They are adept at understanding a client’s specific need, asking the right questions, and getting under the skin of the business to ensure the end result is just what is needed. Our industry is driven by the speedy delivery of a great service as well as the quality of our materials, and Sixtyeightfeet help us to live up to those standards.

Tim Bower

Pulse Management Ltd



A good first impression is made in moments, capturing your attention and cutting through the noise. You need a clear visual identity that engages your audience and sticks in the imagination.

Our design experience stretches from pitch deck presentations and print materials to brand identity and website development.

We’ve worked with retail start-ups and international development agencies to provide practical and professional artwork and design.

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Sixtyeightfeet were brilliant at helping us disseminate our many ideas and getting them into a clearly defined logo. They provided us with a number of design options, working with us through the process, creating a logo and branding that we’re delighted with, and which our customers like too. Our business is to create a beautiful atmosphere where great events take place and Sixtyeightfeet help us to showcase our services online.

Duncan Owen




From engaging words to beautiful design, we produce print and digital content that captures who you are and what you’re for. Whether it’s telling prisoners' stories or creating corporate case studies, words matter and good design brings them to life.

We’ve created newsletters, annual reports, brand guides, event collateral, messaging platforms, and in-the-field communication tools, that combine words with images for maximum impact on screen and in the hands of your readers.

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Karen provided insight and advice when we needed it, particularly on messaging and personas. She helped steer our conversation and get us thinking more strategically, to join up our comms and fundraising efforts, and engage with our community more effectively.

Beth Vickers

Communications Manager
Tyndale House



Whether it’s the oversight of a particular project or the overhaul of your current strategy, we can provide an outside-in perspective, to make sure your messaging is a match for your mission.

In particular, we offer a communications audit, saving time, energy and money from being spent in the wrong direction with a complete review of how your comms are working, where the gaps are and what to do about it.

Like any aspect of an organisation, a communication strategy can become outdated, inefficient and in need of a makeover, but we’ll help you to re-align your voice with your values and create a plan that works.

And we love to work with small businesses, churches and charities who need a helping hand setting up the basics and putting together an effective plan for the years ahead.

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